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New Nordic develop herbal food supplements and beauty products to satisfy specific health and beauty needs and market these under characteristic brands to a growing number of consumers all over the world. All with care for people and nature.
The global dietary supplement market is predicted to grown nearly 10% annually towards 2024 and New Nordic plan to take market share in this growing market.
The New Nordic brand has a strong Scandinavian identity and a unique positioning in Europe, North America and Asia.
Today, New Nordic supplements are sold in 37 countries in North America, Europe and Asia. New Nordic products are regularly available from more than 50,000 pharmacies, health stores and online retailers.
The New Nordic equity is one of the very few opportunities to invest in a stock market listed business focused on international sales of dietary supplements and beauty products sold through pharmacies, health stores and groceries.New Nordic develops food supplements and natural medicines. Products which people of many different cultures demand daily in their desire for increased beauty and vitality.
New Nordic's logo - the characteristic Silver Tree - is an established international brand for millions of people world wide. New Nordic is highly brand focused. The company brand and the product benefit specific brands are growing stronger day by day. The international brands, corporate network and customer loyalty  provides the company's long-term sustainable value.
New Nordic follow their own paths to success. With the background of their presence in many countries and cultures, they are well placed to identify trends and demand for new products. The company's creativity and ability to utilise these international needs, new research and new technology, has led to the fact New Nordic continuously for the past 28 years has been able to develop unique, innovative and trend-setting products.
New Nordic strives to master the communication and control the formation of the brands as well as possible. The efficiency of the company's advertising improves year after year. Marketing materials in both print and digital media are created in-house by the company. Also the purchase of media, public relations campaigns and contacting journalists are handled internally.
New nordic value their expertise and heritage highly. New Nordic try to attract and retain the best and most talented people and develop their personalities and skills. A team of excellence working in an effective structure and organisation with their own developed stearing tools focusing on simplicity and exactly fitting the needs for their operation.
The company strive to obtain an informal, professional and fast acting international but still ”family-like” working environment. Personnel at all levels learn to take responsibility for being leaders, and they commit to conducting business with the highest integrity. Leadership means the ability to take and execute decisions, being able to motivate others, to plan for success and being able to improvise when the environment change. Leadership at New Nordic also extends to being a leader in caring and showing respect for nature and the communities where the comopay’s employees live and work and where they sell their products. New Nordic employs 51 people. 
The high degree of innovation and the fact that New Nordic own the products and brands, contributes to high gross margins and complete control over the company's values in the future. This has been a successful strategy that New Nordic will continue to accelerate in the global market in coming years.
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